This is a short collection of some of my recent scholarly and creative projects (in chronological order). Links to other projects are provided if you are interested in exploring more.


Transitive Nostalgia | June 2022

Created in Waukesha, WI, and the plane on the way

Theory of Parts: Disperse | December 2021

Third installment in the Theory of Parts series

All my music is available for free on my Bandcamp page and is free to use in your projects (attributions appreciated).


Tier List | June 2022

A minimal interface for content creators who want to create tier lists using images and gifs

Write Height | May 2022

An easy-to-use application for converting 2D grayscale images to 3D models that can be downloaded in various file formats

Cook Labs | May 2022

Prototype of a recipe documentation site where recipe data is parsed from local files written in the Cooklang markup language

Stoke's Law | April 2022

Animated simulation of Stoke's law, a mathematical equation used commonly in food science to explain separation phenomena

All my software projects are free and open-source. They can be found on my GitHub profile.


Book chapter on metaphors in food technology | July 2021

Wide-ranging article, drawing from many disciplines, exploring the role of metaphor in discourse around food science and technology

Currently I have several works in the following general areas that I am seeking to publish:

  • Formal methods in food technology
  • Ontological discourse in food and nutrition


My scientific work to date has mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Food structure and function: the impact of micro- and macro-scale properties on the techno-functional behaviour of food and ingredients (e.g., dissolution, flow)
  • Food design and formulation: the rational design of multi-component food systems for use in specific applications (e.g., sports nutrition, meal-replacement)
  • Food processing and fractionation: the development of novel processing strategies to create new ingredients and products (e.g., 3D-printed food, bio-functional proteins)

The most up-to-date lists of my publications can be found on Google Scholar or ResearchGate

I am committed in my scholarly and creative work to connecting ideas, approaches and techniques across domains. If you are interested in collaborating please reach out to