Newly Sincere, Punctums and Rurality


I'm still making odd, woozy music.

Between December 2023 and February 2024 I released five music projects under a pseudonym. I like them a lot and wish I could share them here but that would defeat the purpose. Everything I made in March and April was closer in spirit to my then-defunct Curtsy Rehearsed project so I decided to release them under that old moniker.

I was really pleased with how Newly Sincere turned out. Abandoning any pretence of making hip-hop was freeing. Drums are almost completely absent. This meant I experimented more with mood, percussion and texture.

I then made a very drum-heavy project in the form of Punctums. Programming drums is something I tend to find quite boring. This time around I varied the tempo and time signatures a lot and the songs are pretty interesting insofar as instrumental hip-hop goes.

After a short trip to the countryside I put together Rurality in a day, inspired by what I saw as I anticipated my return to the city. I like this idea of making tiny albums as an immediate response to an experience — maybe that's something to explore.

These albums are available on BandCamp for free but you can offer a donation if you like. It's always a pleasant surprise when my incompetence at marketing pays off.